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Hebei harboring illegal fireworks, result in accidents has caused 15 dead 25 injured.

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    Around at AM 9:00 on the 12th, Dong Yi Village, Dongwang town, Hebei  Ningjin County, a place which harboring illegal fireworks points happens violently explosion, the explosion occurred in locations north of State Road 308 Dongwang town section. Ended at AM 11:00 on July 13th, the death toll rose to 15 people, injured two people ,slightly injured 23 people. Violent explosion on the surrounding buildings caused serious damage. Between the plant explosion to 308 State Road, north to south, three blocks arranged in new residential buildings, glass, door frames, etc. almost all been destroyed, the ground is full of scattered glass slag. About 50 meters from the explosion point at a shop owner Ms. Lee said: "When the explosion occurred, the house shelf, began to shake violently, a few pieces of glass broke, I thought it was an earthquake, merchandise off the floor."

    According to preliminary investigation, the harboring of illegal fireworks points is in the local washing plant of the old factory, The village rented the plant, and after, on July 1st, subcontracted to a person, he organized 11 village conduct illegal activities on July 10th.

    Fireworks Safety has been the focus of public concern, as dangerous explosive product, its production, storage and transportation, are subject to strict and orderly regulation of national policy, but in the face of interest, still have desperate criminals, the illegal Harbour Fireworks accident is life alert, life first, safety first!


fireworks news
Fireworks News
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