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Adams be hold the gold medal ceremony and display fireworks show

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Barges in both Auckland and Wellington Harbour are being loaded with fireworks this afternoon ahead of Valerie Adams' gold medal ceremony this evening.

The spectacular displays over both harbours will celebrate the first ever presentation of a gold medal in New Zealand and the outstanding performance of Adams and the New Zealand Olympic Team in London.

Multiple barges positioned around the two harbours ensure the fireworks will be seen from a number of vantage points in both Auckland and Wellington.

The thrilling display will be seven minutes long and, in Auckland, will culminate in a finale from the top of the ANZ Centre in Albert Street.

Adams herself arrived this morning from Europe to a rapturous welcome at Auckland Airport this morning.

She is now relaxing with friends and family ahead of the ceremony tonight.

The gold medal ceremony at The Cloud in Auckland begins at 6.50pm and will be televised live on TV ONE and streamed here at onenews.co.nz while Wellingtonians can view it all on a big screen at Frank Kitts Park.

Fans at the Taranaki-Auckland rugby match at Eden Park tonight will also be treated to the celebrations as a television feed of the medal ceremony is broadcast inside the stadium.

The New Zealand flag will also be raised on the Auckland Harbour Bridge as the official ceremony flag is raised inside the Cloud at approximately 7.10pm this evening.


fireworks news
Fireworks News
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